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A stroke is a sudden occurrence without any warning signs and causes a big shock for the person and their family. A person, who was perfectly independent just a minute ago and performed everyday activities without any problems, suddenly becomes dependent on the help of others. Quality physiotherapy plays a very important part in the post-stroke rehabilitation. It needs to be tailored to each individual and their everyday activities inside their home as well as in their broader social environment. The post-stroke physiotherapy includes relearning activities like navigating in bed, getting up, sitting down, walking in various environments as well as up and downstairs and handling an object.


A pain in the body following the skeletal system, joint, muscle or fascia injury, surgery, degenerative changes (the ageing process) of the skeletal system, joints or ligaments/tendons can lead to partial or complete numbness and hence decrease the quality of life. The physiotherapy after injury or degenerative changes/illnesses is directed at relieving pain, increasing joint mobility, muscular strength and flexibility with the help of physiotherapy mobility techniques and equipment. It is important to understand that physiotherapy is not simply a massage but requires the patient to cooperate as an active partner who is focused on the recovery.


Have you or your loved ones had a joint or muscle surgery/injury? Do you suffer from pain in your back, joints or muscles during rest or activity? Have you or your loved ones experienced a stroke or traumatic brain injury? Do you have problems with moving around and feel the quality of your life has decreased? In each of these scenarios, physiotherapy is of vital importance. It helps to relieve/eliminate pain, increase joint flexibility, flexibility and mobility of fascia, better muscular strength and improve flexibility of the entire body. Moreover, with the help of task-oriented physiotherapy approach, the quality of your life definitely improves.


International tutors conduct all courses/workshops and seminars organized by Center Fizioterapije Ljubljana. Physiotherapy Association - Professional Group, recognizes the courses/seminars. We organize Bobath basic and advanced courses, Forced use and massed practice courses and courses/workshops for physiotherapists and occupational therapists working on neurological field.


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Center Fizioterapije Ljubljana is a private centre dealing in physiotherapy at your home. We specialize in patient treatment following stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders. Physiotherapy is conducted by Tatjana Jeglič, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, with more than 10 years of experience in the above-mentioned fields and a number of successful physiotherapy treatments. She always strives to enhance her professional knowledge about new approaches and modern techniques (joint mobilization, kinesio taping, nerve mobilization, fascial manipulation – L. Stecco etc.). Tatjana also holds the title of an International Bobath Instructor.



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